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3 Tips to Instant Fall Glam

Savvy Spice glam cover photo1

Maybe you could care less about Kathie Lee and Hoda, but I used to love all the ‘Today Show‘ style segments when I was sipping coffee in my cubicle back in San Francisco. I was always fascinated with the ‘How to Take Your Look from Day to Night‘ segments. They made it seem so effortless to take your look from the ‘office’ to a ‘date night,’ until you realize there’s nothing glamorous about it.

‘Refreshing your makeup’ isn’t so easy at 5 pm after you’ve been working all day, and trying switch out the work slacks for a sexy pencil skirt in the employee restroom and sneaking out before your co-workers spot your ‘Friday Night Look‘ is like Mission Impossible. But a couple weeks ago, I was able to take my ‘Catfight at the Zurich Film Fest‘ Friday night look to a whole different outfit the following evening. Here’s 3 of my day to night glam faves this fall…

Gold Savvy Spice fashion blog

<1. Go Bare> It’s not officially winter, but I’m already in exfoliation over-drive. I’ve Clarisonic’d my face for years, but what about the rest of our bodies? I’ve been loving the L’occitane Body Salt Scrub and the rich scent that will leave your skin feeling like it’s just been at the spa. Plus, there is something about knowing you have silky smooth legs, whether they’re seen or not, that adds a level of confidence to your night.

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee gold clutch

<2. Add a Crazy Clutch> Try a metallic clutch this fall! I’ve had this one for a few years and it’s my favorite pop of gold, although I’ve had some trouble traveling with it in Zurich. Every time it’s in my carryon bag at the airport, I have to go through extra screening and security. They spot it on the x-ray thinking it’s a pair of brass knuckles, and then are unpleasantly surprised when they see me, and have to dig through my hair extensions and fashion mags to discover it’s just a gold clutch.

Van Bery Sweater Pullover Savvy Spice Switzerland

 <3. Hello Turtlenecks> I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘Turtlenecks are Totally Back in Style‘ articles on the web lately. They may be a trendy fall item, but I haven’t liked turtlenecks since the pastel ones I was forced to wear from Mervyns in elementary school. However, I like the chunky knit style with an open neck like this one by Van Bery. It’s clearly conservative enough for the office and can easily be styled with a skirt for an evening on the town.


<DETAILS by Dale> Skirt (old) – Forever21 / Sweater c/o – Van Bery (new location in Zurich) / clutch – Shanghai market / nails c/o – LVX Truffle / hair detail – H&M

Do you ever try to take a look from ‘Day to Night’ or does it seem like too much work?

Hope you had a great weekend. New posts coming all week and here’s some of my favorite Black & Gold looks below.


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Sunshine in Vienna

Weekend Austria Savvy Spice

How much do you know about Austria? Until last weekend, my knowledge was limited. I knew my big, buff, cheater of an ex-Governor was from Austria and I’d seen the Viennese Waltz on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I also knew Red Bull is an Austrian company and if you love the energy drink like me; the company was sued for $13 mil last week from a man who said he never got his ‘wings.’ Red Bull GmbH agreed to pay out $10 to every person who bought the drink since 2002. Ugh! I won’t be collecting because ‘Gives You Wings’ is one of my all-time fave slogans and Red Bull got me through so many afternoons at the office back in my early 20’s.

Now, to the weekend. I was surprised how beautiful Vienna was with the huge cathedrals you’d expect in the European old towns, but also Vienna’s famous chocolate cake, and the friendly, amazing customer service. Now I understand why so many people in Switzerland go across the border to Austria to spend their winter holidays. But one of my favorite moments was more simple in the city, chilling in the sun, just before heading to the airport…

Vienna Savvy Spice Austria Dale Janee

The Sunny Scene ~ Vienna, Austria 

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee Beach club Vienna

Beach Club! ~ As we were killing time before our flight walking across a bridge, I noticed a bunch of chairs along the river. ‘It’s a Beach Club,’ my husband said. I’ve noticed this trend all over Europe. If there’s a body of water whether it’s a lake or river and a bit of sunshine; they truck in the sand, lay out some lawn chairs and ash trays of course, serve booze, and call it a ‘Beach Club.

Writing Postcards Savvy Spice Fashion Blog

Postcard Time ~ While some locals were tanning before winter arrives, I whipped out my postcards and went to work with a glass of prosseco.

Nails Savvy Spice fashion blog OPI white nails

Nail Time! ~ My husband insists I’m fully packed for the airport at least 4 hours before we fly anywhere, so I always have a couple hours for some last minute tasks. Do you ever paint your nails on-the-go?

Savvy Spice Austria Vienna LV purse

<DETAILS by Dale> jeans/top ~ Zara recent / LV bag / Geox Shoes (my favorite Italian brand of sneakers) / OPI Alpine Snow

I loved Vienna and would definitely go back. It’s touristy, but not extreme-touristy like so many other hotspots in Europe. Have you ever gone to a new city only to be pleasantly surprised? 


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The Blue Lagoon

Savvy Spice Fashion Blog Dale Janee Couture Blue Lagoon

Whether or not you’re planning a weekend jaunt to the pumpkin patch and cuddling up getting creeped out by movies like Gone Girl - it seems that Fall has officially arrived! It’s been mild the past month in Zurich, but I’ve kept an eye out for ‘Autumn Wardrobe Updates.’ A leather jacket, boots and a weekender bag are at the top of my list, the moment I get back to the US for a bit of retail therapy.

Lately, I’ve been re-styling old looks hanging in my closet and finding new ways to update even the basic boring blues. Here’s my top tips to curate a new look with a pair of skinny jeans and a basic collared shirt transforming it into a high/low look with just enough glitz and glam to feel ‘new’ again…


<Add a Silk Scarf> - I started seeing this more often on stylish women in Zurich. Not only does it keep your neck warmer; it makes you feel, as Izzy Azalea would say, ‘fancy.’ It’s also a more affordable way to capture a designer piece with a more attractive price tag. Check out Chic’n’Cheap Living for a scarf-tying-tutorial.

Banana Republic Blue Shirt Cartier Scarf Hermes white Belt

<Belt it!> - A great belt can make even denim and a collared shirt feel complete. Here’s my past Hermès belt trick sharing the buckle with husband which is like a Hermès 50% off sale that never happens.

Zug Switzerland Lake blue jeans blue shirt Banana Republic1

<Glam Up Your Pony> I added in hair extensions and then put my hair in a regular pony tail wrapping the shorter layers around the band and bobby pinning it below. Then I added…

Hair Band Lilith and McCrae1

<A Special Headband> This headband is handcrafted and sold on Etsy by Lilith & McCrae created by ex-makeup artist and globetrotter, Tanisha. She began designing jewelry as a creative outlet teaching in South Korea. I met Tanisha through her blog Lattes&Lipstick. Each piece is unique with no more than 5 copies made. PS if you’ve heard the Etsy drama lately, I think it’s so important to support the truly handcrafted pieces and indie designers now more than ever.

rsz savvy spice fashion blog dale janee schroeter citizen of humanity jeans

<Designer Denim> I’ve talked about my love for Citizens for Humanity Jeans, but they have really been my favorite for a decade now. Flattering, stretchy – but not too stretchy – they don’t shrink, and last for years.

Savvy Spice pumpkins Dale Janee Fashion Blog

<Add Some Bling> Mix some bangles with a leather cuff for fall! On a sidenote, these two random Swiss pumpkins have the same facial expressions of the Starbucks baristas in Zurich when I try to order a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino. Sadly, they ‘don’t do‘ the fall drink special with sea-salt over here in Switzerland, which is one of my favorite Autumn treats.

Savvy Spice Bling Jewelry What to Wear Fall

<DETAILS by DALE> headband via Lilith & McCrae / Citizens of Humanity Jeans (last seen here) / bangles c/o Luxuria Jewelry 25% off using codeSSPICE-25‘  / Banana Republic blouse / Cartier scarf c/o / Nail polish – LVX ‘Truffle’ / Mango heels

Is it starting to feel like ‘Fall’ in your city or are summer temps sticking around for you this October?

Have a great weekend. ~xo

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European Sebamed + Savvy Sleepers $108 GIVEAWAY


I‘m excited to announce a Giveaway with one of my favorite brands I discovered in Europe recently which is now sold in the US! Sebamed has won awards in Europe for years and is a line of skincare products like cleansers, lotions and a scalp activating shampoo that is dermatologist recommended, paraben free, hypoallergenic, PH Balanced and smells so fresh and so clean!

If you have sensitive skin, a sensitive scalp or just want to try these European winning producs for men, women and babies, Sebamed USA has generously donated 4 products below to 5 Lucky Winners. (Those are mine above I bought in Germany, but your’s will be in English.) 

Sebamed + Savvy Sleepers GIVEAWAY

Savvy Sleepers Giveaway

5 WINNERS! Each winner will receive a FULL Size Sebamed Scalp Activating Shampoo, Intensive Night Cream, Liquid Face and Body Wash, and Moisturizing Body Lotion + choose a Savvy Sleeper Satin Pillow Case ($36 value) to protect your skin while you sleep from our Luxe Collection!

Total Giveaway Value is $108 Each. There will be 5 Winners total. We will cover all shipping. US Only. Ends Oct. 16th, 2014 Midnight. Good luck to everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I’ve also had Eczema for the past few years when I’m really stressed out and the cleanser and lotion help because it’s specifically made to be gentle, but it still washes off my make up too. Unlike Cetaphil which I wanted to love, but it always felt like it left a greasy film on my skin. PS – October is Eczema Awareness Month in case you get it too. Sebamed is now available in the US and sold at Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid and SebamedUSA.com.

See you Friday! 

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Green Carpet CatFight at the Zurich Film Festival

Zurich Film Fest Savvy Spice Liam Neeson Catfight Dale Janee

Movie buff or not, if you’ve seen the movie ‘Taken‘ you know this quote – ‘I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.’

Over the weekend, Liam Neeson was the guest of honor and final red green carpet attraction during the 10th Annual Zurich Film Festival. I was excited to go. I had picked up my press pass earlier in the week and gotten into a bit of a tiff with the young woman behind the press booth who clearly didn’t like me. As I walked toward the green carpet to snap some pics Friday night, I noticed her giving me the stink-eye from her counter. I didn’t think much of it until I was approached by a tall blond in a trench coat on the green carpet. She was on a mission…


But first, here’s Liam and the two founders of the Zurich Film Festival – the dapper Karl Spoerri and the gorgeous, statuesque Nadja Schildknecht who had the vision for the ZFF over a decade ago. Now it’s the über fancy, no-expense-spared success it is today. She’s an impressive entrepreneur too, check out this article. Now, back to the CATFIGHT.

Savvy Spice fashion blog Liam Neeson Zurich Film Fest

A PR woman in the trench coat pointed to me in the little press crowd and said, ‘Hi, who are you here representing? I need to see your pass.’ I showed her press pass immediately. Granted, I know I wouldn’t be given access to a Hollywood movie premiere and I’m not with the Associated Press or a major news source, but this is Zurich. Zurich is small, super expensive and there aren’t exactly hoards of reporters here so my press pass was easily approved a month ago. She went on, ‘You’re actually just a blogger, so I just can’t have you here…’ Gulp, was I being kicked off the green carpet?

Savvy Spice Red Carpet Catfight Zurich Filmfestival Switzeralnd

 I instantly felt a lump of humiliation in my throat and thought, Oh no, this is so embarrassing, should I just go?,’ but decided to argue a bit first. After a couple minutes, she didn’t want to deal with me and walked away saying,I’ll be back.’

Liam Neeson Savvy Spice Fashion Blog Dale Janee Zurich Film Festival

Five minutes later, another woman approached me in a leather jacket and said, ‘You’re not on my list and you’re just a blogger, so I need you to leave.’ Ugh, another one. Round 2. What should I do? What would Liam do? What would you do? What would TMZ do? I spun around, whipped out my iphone and said, ‘Look, I’d like to talk to your manager and I’m going to record how you’re talking to me,’ then I pressed the red button. She looked very uncomfortable and was gone within 60 seconds.

Savvy Spice Liam Neeson Dale Janee Fashion Blog

Finally, after snapping my pics and VINE, Liam walked off the mean, green, carpet scene toward the crowd of adoring fans waiting to see him. A final supervisor approached me and said, ‘I just want to say that you actually shouldn’t have been here because you’re just a blogger…Round 3.

Green Carpet Savvy Spice Zurich FilmFest Liam Neeson

I’d had enough, so I just blurted it out the woman’s name behind the ticket booth who I knew had called the pack of PR women. She looked surprised and admitted she was called by the woman and saw I was visibly upset. She apologized immediately and said the ‘mean girl’ was a temp worker and was embarrassed by her actions. I thanked her and took off for some Mövenpick (my favorite ice-cream in the world) to ease my hurt feelings.

Movenpick Ice Cream Savvy Spice Zurich

As we walked away, I looked over at my husband who’d never been approached by the 3 women, except one who asked politely, ‘Will you be needing an interview with Liam Neeson?’ And the whole time, he stood there with his ‘press credential’ lanyard around his neck printed with his name and title, ‘Photographer for SavvySpice.com.’ I’d had my slice of humble pie and now it was time for a big, fat, scoop of Macadamia dulce de leche ice-cream.

Zurich Switzerland Savvy Spice fashion blog

Although the green carpet wolvettes put a bit of a damper on my night out in Zurich, I learned a valuable lesson. It doesn’t matter who or where you are – maybe you work in the corporate world, in a restaurant, as a teacher, maybe you’re a small time blogger from San Francisco, a mom in the park, or even Oprah – you will run into situations when you need to deal with ‘mean girls’ who will treat you poorly. 

Here’s 3 Important Tips to Deal with ‘Mean Girls’ in Life- 

1.  If a gatekeeper is rude to you, maintain your composure and try to be nice. You never know the lengths she will go to make life harder for you. You remember the Seinfeld and Sex and the City episodes where this happened to Elaine & Samantha.

2. Always judge a situation and your safety of course, but if you’re being treated unfairly or being disrespected, never be embarrassed or afraid to stick up for yourself.

3. Get names and take numbers. If you’re being treated like garbage, especially by customer service, get the person’s name or business card so you look more credible if you need to escalate it to someone in charge.

Have you ever had a ‘mean girl’ in life or at work who just didn’t like you, and what ‘particular set of skills’ would you recommend to deal with the situation?

Hope you had a great weekend and I have a Big Giveaway Coming this Wednesday!


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