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Into the Blue

Savvy Spice Back from Bali Dress Savvy Spice

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Europeans since moving to Switzerland; it’s that they take vacation time very seriously. It’s actually called ‘holidays‘ and compared to the US, it seems they get A LOT more. I feel fortunate to be located in Europe which makes it easier to travel; but I’ve always taken ‘Simple Escapes.‘ Whether it was sneaking out of the office back in San Francisco for a mid-day fro-yo topped with Gummi bears and fresh raspberries, or taking an evening walk on the Embarcadero pretending I was a tourist in my own city.

My family and I just spent a week in Majorca, Spain during their first visit to Europe. One night we ate at a secret restaurant with Spanish style home-cooking overlooking the Mediterranean. I wore a new dress so lightweight and easy-to-wear designed by a friend I recently met in Zurich. She went to Bali years ago, fell in love with it, and started her clothing line called Back from Bali.’ It’s sold on Amazon which can be a pricy ‘escape’ on its own and although I’ve never been to Bali, I had it as a screen saver for a few months. And this brings me to a fewsimple summer escapes. And speaking of screen savers; make yours’ a photo of your dream destination and then find a way to get there whether its 2016, ’17, or beyond…

Savvy Spice vacation wear

<Shopping Sites that Makes Life a Breeze ~ I love Switzerland, but shopping is another story unless you’re immune to sticker shock. It’s actually easier and less expensive to send items to my mom and have her mail them over. Lately, I’m loving Amazon and Nordstrom has one of the best return policies and overall customer service – unlike this Comcast fiasco that just went viral.>

Sunset Savvy Spice travel style blog Dale Janee

<Savor Outdoor Ambiance> One of my favorite summer memories growing up in California was being able to eat dinner outside on our back porch. There are only so many nights of summer left on the calendar, so enjoy!>

Savvy Spice fashion blog family pic Mallorca Dale Janee

<Time Out with the Family ~ Now, that I’m living in Europe I don’t see my parents or siblings as often as I’d like so I definitely took advantage catching up while they were here. Having a glass of bubbly is a lot more fun in person than over Skype. pic: my youngest brother Paul/dad/mom/me/husband>

Savvy Spice fashion Mallorca Dale Janee Back from Bali floral dress

<A Summer Smartphone Cleanse ~ Although I’m snapping a pic with my brother’s phone here; for the majority of last week, I never carried my phone with me during the day. I’m not strong enough to do a ’30 day phone detox,’ but I highly recommend cutting down when you can.>

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

<A Vacation State of Mind ~ Messy up-do’s after a day at the beach or pool are perfect for summer evenings! And when I want to pretend my face is getting color (even though I drench it in SPF75 every morning), I apply Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanner which doesn’t break me out and will give your face a very light gradual tan.>

Hobo the Original bag Savvy Spice fashion blog

<DETAILS by Dale> ‘Back from Bali’ dress (on sale) bought on Amazon / Nine West wedges (old) / Hobo the Original handbag (similar here) c/o / Location – S’illot Restaurant Alcudia, Majorca Spain 

Do you have any tips for simple daily escapes for summer? 


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Summer of Sand

Savvy Spice Majorca Spain Vacation Style

We’ve all made those mistakes in the oh-so-tempting summer sale aisle. ‘Whoa! This bikini top is 75% off, but there’s no matching bottom! Oh well, I’ll mix and match.’ Or maybe the wild printed maxi dress that caught your eye and has been hanging in your closet since ’09. As temps are rising this month, prices are falling for summer collections, so it’s all about finding the trends with seasonal staying power.

I just spent a week with my family in Majorca, Spain and some of our favorite moments (especially for my 19 year-old-brother) were Spanish dinners near the beach starting the night with a glass of bubbly and ‘¡Salud!’ ‘¡Salud!’ ‘¡Salud!’Summer style is all about feeling comfortable whether you’re heading to a wine tasting weekend, a beachside party, or a glamorous Pinterest-inspired backyard soiree. Here are some of my favorite styles I just found (ON SALE) that will make you feel like a beachside goddess without breaking the vacay bank. Accessorize with any fruity or mint-infused cocktail… Read more ›

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One Night in Milan

Savvy Spice Italy Post

The past week has been a whirlwind road trip through Europe as my parents visited for their first time so I was in tourist guide mode skipping from city to city. Last Saturday we stayed in Milan at The Radisson where a ‘little’ band called One Direction also happened to be staying which would have been really cool if I was 15, but navigating through a sea of cute Italian groupies was definitely an experience.

The next morning after a croissant and Cappuccino, we popped into the Cruciani store for a peak at its newest collection of bracelets. The Italian brand is one of my favorites and I have discovered a few other European brands and styles perfect for traveling or making a statement this summer in the States or beyond. Here’s a few of my Italian inspired ‘Summer Lovin’ Favorites…’ Read more ›

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Orange Crush at Art Basel

Savvy Spice Dale Janee Fashion Blogger

‘If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.’ -John F. Kennedy

I’ve never been particularly artistic, although I have been called ‘a real piece of work‘ in the past. However, over the years my art appreciation has grown from tagging along with friends to art museums in San Francisco to this year at Art Basel! Art Basel has become the ‘premiere platform’ for the world’s top artists to show off their modern and contemporary art. It’s also going on in Hong Kong and Miami Beach coming up in December. Here’s a quick tour of Art Basel 2014 with some pieces that caught my attention in my orange on orange matching set I just found at Zara…

Dale Janee Savvy Spice fashion blogger Art Basel

<The Day Started at the House of Ruinart celebrating its champagne House since 1729. This art piece is by Georgia Russell especially for the event which will travel around to the other shows.>

Savvy Spice Ruinart art Art Basel fashion blogger

<Russell, the young Scottish visual artist  is known for using the paper of old books to cut which she sculpts with a scalpel before precision cutting her art (aka – this piece must have taken A LOT of time) >

Art Basel Savvy Spice Ruinart

<After a couple glasses of Ruinart champagne, it was time to hit the show which would take hours or days to see everything>

Art Basel fashion blogger Dale Janee Christopher Walken

<There was photography with some very familiar faces by artist Jablonka Galerie>

Eat Art Art Basel Savvy Spice

<There was art with lights, mirrors, and everything you could think of>

Art Basel food court

<This was the fancy food court in the center of the event. Unfortunately, I haven’t acquired a taste yet for Swiss veal white sausage which is very popular to serve, especially at events>

Blah Blah Blah Art Basel Savvy Spice

<‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ by artist Mel Bochner. The overall oil painting comes in 8 pieces>

Love Art Savvy Spice fashion blog

<Loved this one!>

20.000 Bullet Shells Savvy Spice fashion blog

<This piece of art was a room of bullet shells all over the floor called ‘20.000 Gunshells‘ by artist Matias Faldbakken. You had to walk through the bullet shells and seeing and hearing the sound of them below people’s feet was actually a little creepy and just reminded me of the non-stop tragedies of gun violence in the US>

Nothing Is Permanent Art Basel

 <I thought this piece was inspirational>

Art Basel 2014 Savvy Spice Dolphin statue Dale Janee

<’Dolphin‘ by Jeff Koons – the mirror polished stainless steel was my FAVORITE piece of the day!>

Thanks for coming along and highly recommend Art Basel if you ever get the chance to go! Do you enjoy art shows? Also, maybe it’s all the ‘Orange is the New Black‘ talk, but I am loving the citrus shade this summer. Here’s a few of my ‘Orange Crush’ looks below.


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 2

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06 /21
5 Secrets to Instant Longer, Thinner Looking Legs!

Savvy Spice Leg Secrets How to Make Legs look thinner

How do you know if your legs are considered long or short for your body? While there’s obviously no right or wrong answer, I decided to do a little scientific research because sometimes I look in the mirror and think, my legs look long and other times I feel stumpy. But there really is an equation that ‘an average leg has an inseam that represents 45% of the height.’ 

Here’s the equation to get your percentage – Your inseam (cm) x 100 / Your height (cm) = % (Just in case -Here’s how to Measure Your Inseam)

At 5’7″ I did the math and it came out to 44.7% (just below average), which is why I have some tricks to instantly make my legs look longer, thinner and more toned. Here’s my top 5 Summer 2014 Secrets after a couple days in the sun last weekend which brings me to #1 – Prepping with a Faux Tan… Read more ›

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